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Service items

  • 1.Household Registration: 

    I.Registration of Personal status 
    a.Birth registration
    b.Acknowledgement registration
    c.Adoption/adoption termination registration
    d.Marriage/divorce registration
    e.Guardianship registration
    f.Death/death annonncement registration

    II.Registration of relocation 
    a.Moving-in registration
    b.Moving-out registration
    c.Address alteration registration

    III.Initial Household Registration

    2.Birthplace registration
    3.Personal seal Registration/ Replacement/ Annulment/ Certification
    4.Acquisition / loss / restoration of nationality
    5.ID Cards
    6.Household registry
    7.Household certificate and Citizen Review of household records
    8.Coding / Producing / Replacing/ Re- issuing Address Places
    9.Address Doorplate Certification
    10.Household certificate in English
    11.Easy and Immediate Processing

    Life consultancy center (for spouse of foreign and mainland China'snationality ).
    Organization of Volunteers Service Team - the volunteers will guide you and welcome you with a cup of tea, making you feel at home.